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A story about colour and why it means so much to us....

My love for colour began when I was younger, always fascinated by the variations you find in just one colour. How it ranges from a soft pastel through to a bold neon, and the power each individual shade wields.

I realised colour was more than just the things around us, it was the most important way to express ourselves. Whether that be accessorising with a bright pink bag or wearing an empowering navy blue suit.

Each colour means something different to everyone, some find power and strength in darker shades, others find confidence and assurance in soft pastels. the beauty of colour is that you have complete freedom to choose which ones to wear and style them exactly as you'd like. 

My years at Bournemouth Arts University were fundamental to establishing my love for creating, colour and sewing. I loved the fact you could take an idea and develop it through from concept all the way through to final garments. The technical side of learning how to develop patterns, ensuring that we create products with a circular economy in mind and finding your own unique design aesthetic were the most exciting. 

My final collection was a real labour of love. I loved the juxtaposition of the black amongst bright bold colours and the sense of hidden beauty this produced. There were lots of appliqués and some of the dresses had a gorgeous raspberry pink foil underneath a see through layer of silk, exposing the shiny flower shapes when being worn (not hard to see where the Raspberry leather came from)

Fast forward to 2018 when I began designing products for our range I take inspiration from the shapes found on the Island and revisit my work throughout my degree. I deep dive into photos taken over the years and use them as inspiration to create our colour palette that is unique to us. 

Making sure all of our products incorporate our minimalist design approach, we specialise in making functional but colourful timeless leather bags & accessories. 

Curating our colour collection is one of the most important things we do. Colour runs through our veins, it is one of the foundations on which the brand was developed and each one has a meaning behind it, which can't be replicated.  

Below are some of colour boards that sit on our studio walls. These feature one of my favourite pieces I made when at University. They are a constant reminder of why we create the products we do, what inspires us and making sure we use colours we love. 

Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we do, and we'd love to know which colours inspire you or which colour is your go to styling shade in the comments section below....

Speak soon, Rheanna xx 

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